ProUnitas is a non-profit that works with public school districts to build and sustain a comprehensive system that makes access to mental health and basic needs resources quicker and more coordinated for students so that they stay in school and go on to lead a fulfilling life.

Luck remains the de facto way in which students are early identified and connected to life-changing mental health and well-being resources, despite schools having school counselors, student support departments, and cities filled with nonprofits, city services, and caring adults who want to help. This is evident by the data: 1 in 5 children suffer from mental illness, and 15% of children living in poverty receive any form of mental health and basic needs services.

At ProUnitas, we have built a student-centered technology currently being deployed in hundreds of schools that is changing how students are early identified and connected to life-changing mental health and basic needs resources so that they unlock their fullest potential. We are passionate about becoming the gold standard for what student support delivery should look like on every campus in America!

  • $2,500 toward primary residence closing costs

  • Unlimited time off

  • $700 Technology stipend

  • The job will be in-office for the first 6 months. and then transition to 3 days remote and 2 days in-office

  • Top notch Health, Dental & Vision Insurance. Long Term Disability and Short Term Disability fully covered by ProUnitas

  • 3% contribution to your 401K regardless of your contribution

  • Edith Rahimian

    Chief Product Officer

    “ I used to think 'TGIF' stood for 'Thank Goodness It's Friday,' but here, it stands for 'Thank Goodness I'm Fundamentally inspired every day ”

  • Albert Wei

    Chief District Success Officer

    “ This place has more positive energy than a proton in a particle accelerator. If you can't find motivation here, you might need to check your pulse! ”

  • Adeeb Barqawi

    President & CEO

    “ I once thought being a CEO meant knowing all the answers, but here, it's more about asking the right questions and then enjoying the brilliant solutions our team comes up with. ”